15 Feelings Everyone Who Works Weekends Just Can't Escape

1. When you remember it's Friday and you have to work tonight.

2. When all your friends are talking about what they are going to do this weekend.

3. When they invite you out and you say no and then they ask what you are going to do on this fine Friday evening.

REALLY? You’ve only told them multiple times you’ll be working.

4. When you request one Friday off because you haven't taken a day off on the weekend in so long.

5. And then your request gets denied.

6. When you ask someone to cover for one of your shifts because something really important is happening tonight.

7. But there was no such luck.

You knew it was a long shot anyways. 

8. When your friends tell you the next day how amazing last night was.

9. You don't even smoke but this is starting to really get to you and you feel like you just NEED a cigarette.

10. Or some gosh darn peace and quiet.

You  don’t need to hear about all the fun you’re not going to have this weekend.

11. When you try to get your friends to go out on a weeknight

12. But you end up drinking alone.

13. Sometimes it's worth it though. You can run your errands during the weekday while everyone else is at work

14. And you can watch TV and lay around all day which is kind of nice too.

15. Mondays are also your favorite day of the week…mostly because it just sucks for everyone else.

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