15 Things That You Need To Ensure You've Made The Most Of Your Time This Summer

1. Nyne Aqua Floating Bluetooth speaker

2. Chilled wine glasses.

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These glasses will keep your wine cold for 30 minutes. 

3. A briefcase and barbecue.

4. Enjoy a one-person electric watercraft.

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For just $3,500.

5. Itty Bitty USB Cooler

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It can hold exactly one can of soda. 

6. Cardboard Smartphone Projector

7. The cooler than does everything.

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It has a USB charger, built-in blender and bottle opener.

8. Waterproof Kindle paperwhite

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Take it poolside and enjoy!

9. BioLite CampStove

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It generates electricity and charges your phone.

10. A floating ping pong table.

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Get your float on and play your favorite game with a friend.

11. A beer cooler that uses the earth to cool your drinks.

12. The Power Pole: A Selfie Stick that can charge everything.

13. A pickup pool

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Bring your pool to the party.

14. A tree tent.

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It fits three!

15. Floating beach glasses.

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Your drink can take a swim too.

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