19 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Disney Parks. #3 Can't Be Unseen

There are still 14 rides that have been running since opening day at the Magic Kingdom.

Rest assured, you'll never have to carry around trash while at Disney. You're never more than 30 ft from one!

All over Disney World and their resorts, you'll find tons of Mickey Mouse heads hidden in unsuspecting places.

Cinderella's Castle has a secret suite inside of it, but it's only used for promotional giveaways.

There are hidden tunnels all over Disney World that allow all workers to move from place to place.

You'll never find a shop that sells gum in Disney World. This minimizes the likelihood of visitors getting gum on the seats of rides and stuck to the sidewalk.

You'd never guess that the "Tree of Life" in the Animal Kingdom is really an old oil rig!

In Liberty Square, you'll see a brown path, which represents the sewage that once flowed down the middle of the streets in the Colonial Era.

All around Disney World you'll find "Smellitizers" that give off scents that match their surroundings.

The aquarium in "The Seas" is big enough for the "Spaceship Earth" sphere to fit inside of it.

"The Haunted Mansion" intentionally allows its lawn to grow out and wither so that it matches the mood of the attraction.

Before a few years ago, you used to be able to call out, "Andy's coming!!" and Toy Story characters would drop lifelessly to the ground.

The palm trees in "Tomorrowland" fold at dusk and unfold at dawn.

The Matterhorn ride has a basketball court hidden inside for staff workers.

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