20 "Game of Thrones" Jokes From Tumblr That Were Completely On Point

1. Does it GET any worse than Joffrey Baratheon?

2. So sad…but so true.

3. Remember when Game of Thrones made some homages to other hit TV shows?


5. Ohhh, the Eyrie…

6. Ain't that the truth…

7. Sometimes the people of Westeros have some bomb ass pickup lines…

8. Or in some cases…there's no difference between the two whatsoever.

10. This is a book I would NOT want to read.

9. That awkward moment when…

11. Honestly…

12. Like come on girl who you talking to?

13. Great Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, but a Jeopardy champion he ain't.

14. Keepin' it fly.

15. The harsh reality.

16. Every. Damn. Week.

17. Tyra would've been a Targaryen.

18. That side-eye with a purpose.

19. Nah, man, I'm good.

20. It's coming, that's for sure.

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