20 LEGO Tattoos That Allow You To Express The Inner Child That's Still In You

1. LEGO Star Wars collage

2. LEGO Boba Fett

3. Real Life Indiana Jones along with LEGO Indy

4. LEGO Elvis

5. LEGO Superman

This one may be the most creative placement.

6. LEGO Sugar Skull

7. LEGO Pirate

8. LEGO Village People

9. Unikitty

10. LEGO Spaceman


11. LEGO Deadpool

12. The Special

13. Head Full of LEGOs

14. LEGO Pin Up Girl

15. LEGO Captain America

16. LEGO Wonder Woman

17. Another LEGO Star Wars collage

18. LEGO Zombie

19. This guy created a LEGO mini-fig of himself!

20. LEGO Spiderman

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