28 Ads That Have Simply Been Misplaced For That Reason They Are Downright Hysterical

1. Oh, oh my…

2. Probably not my first choice of hospitals

3. Wow, that takes skill right there

4. Please stop laughing

5. That's just an awkward slogan no matter what

6. Please don't

7. I'm good…

8. Well, they probably need a few…

9. Shut it down

10. Not my idea of a great flight…

11. I hope she does!

12. Yeah, that seems about right

13. Yeah, that's probably true

14. Well, that won't help with your fear

15. Might wanna think about that van again

16. I think I'm going to skip cheap cruises, thanks!

17. They were just taking the advice

That's almost too perfect

Yeah, that's probably true


To be honest, probably a lot of overlap there

Well, the donuts are mini…

Oh hey there pussy…cat

That is true, not everything can go in there

Weird, I didn't know I could lease Jesus


Do you? Do you care?

Oh my…

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