29 Photos That Will Make You Incredibly Uncomfortable

1. This triangle shaped elevator.

2. The store that allows you to test the toilet paper before you buy.

3. This upsetting black toilet paper.

4. "Hand" soap.

5. Your chance to "meat" Justin Bieber.

6. This incredibly disturbing face swap.

7. This mustard vending machine.

8. This…interesting hair style.

9. These messed up eyes.

10. These incredibly disturbing black Q-tips.

11. Bread that was sliced the wrong way.

12. This super safe pool just hanging out above the street.

13. This exit sign that is lowercase for some reason.

14. This…weirdly happy couple.

15. This chair covered in Cheeto dust.

16. This totally normal way to hold a can.

17. A bill with the upside-down flag.

18. This…whatever this is.

19. These masks that would NOT make me feel better at the dentist.

20. Behind the scenes at Sesame Street.

21. This inappropriate slide.

22. This unnaturally happy rocks.

23. This ONE missing brick.

24. This ridiculous hamster muffin.

25. A toothbrush without the brush part.

26. This crime against cookies.

27. These textbook models holding the textbook they're modeling for, theoretically forever.

28. This ridiculous light switch placement.

29. This disappointing Oreo.

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