37 Gorgeous and Sometimes Funny Gifts For Your Introverted Friends and Family

1. Just go.


3. Places to collect your thoughts.

4. A journal to inspire you out of hermitude.

5. An introvert's heart map


7. First rule about introvert club? Don't talk about introvert club.


9. It's time to go.

10. This laptop decal to warning the masses.


12. Cats = introverts of the animal world

13. Bye, Felicia.

14. Byyyyeee.

15. An accurate illustration.

16. The perfect friendship bracelets for your extroverted counterpart.

17. Perfect for your alone zone.

18. A wall decal so all your guests know what's up.

19. Sorry bout it.

20. A phone case that showcases your current state of mind.

21. A self-help book to help you find your inner badass.

22. And where pants are optional.

23. Warn the world.


25. An introverted art print

26. For the Rory Gilmore's of the world

27. Say it with me now…


29. Indoors and alone, thanks.

30. No people and no pants.



32. Party = Book Club

33. Anyone want to come over and nap?

34. A poetic art print.


36. A spoonful of candy makes socializing a little easier.

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