5 Things That Are The Best Answer To Finding Your Inner Zen And Staying In Tune With It

1. Exercise

Exercising is a key ingredient to helping you live a happier and healthier life. People always say that exercising can alter your mood and help release stress or tension in your life. Studies have also shown that it can help, or at least moderate, symptoms or feelings of anger. 

Or you could just take some simple advice from our favorite Havard Law School graduate:

Elle Woods knows the importance of exercise. She just does.

2. Keep a journal

Write it down and let it out. A journal helps you let out your emotions in a safe and private place. Taking the time to write out how you’re feeling may help you feel better about a situation or help you see a situation more clearly.

The best part about a journal is that it is yours and yours alone. Don't let any pesky roommates get their hands on it and all will be well.

3. Forgive and Forget

Holding grudges or dwelling on the past can do no good for your future. The sooner you are able to let go, the happier you will be.

However you deal with the emotion of forgiving and forgetting is up to you.

Even if it’s being dramatic like LC.

4. Accept yourself

You have to realize you are who you are and you should be okay with that. Avoiding negative self-talk and negative self-perception can help you become more comfortable in your own skin. Recognizing that you may not be the best at everything is a good thing. You can’t be perfect and you shouldn’t want to be

Preach it, Raven.

5. Recognize things won't always be great, and that's okay

It is normal to not ALWAYS feel happy. The important thing is recognizing your negative emotion and trying to understand it, then you can focus on ways to express yourself in a more beneficial way

No one wants you to go all Fight Club on yourself or anyone else.

And finally, just try to live by this little saying:

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