9 Before And After Photos Of Rescued Dogs That Prove Adopting Is The Way To Go

1. Elsa

After being found tied up in her back yard and extremely emaciated, Elsa was immediately taken and hospitalized, and his since made a full recovery!

2. Farmer

Farmer was found with a severe skin infection that covered almost his entire body, and cause his paws to swell up to twice their size. After being treated medicinally for the bacteria, he was able to quickly get back to full health.

3. Filly

Filly also found extremely neglected and emaciated, was so malnourished, she had to be placed in emergency supportive care. Fortunately, after being put on a recovery regimen and given the proper nutrients, she was able to completely recover!

4. Hazel Grace

Heinously, Hazel Grace was set on fire by her previous owner and received severe burns to her abdomen. She was immediately hospitalized, and doctors performed a skin graft on her, to replace the scar tissue. Although not all of her fur has grown back, she’s healthy and in much brighter spirits!

5. Jones

Due to neglect and malnourishment, Jones was unable to use his back legs, and was on the verge of being sent to a kill shelter. After being rescued though, he was put on medication, given substantial physical therapy, and is now able to walk again!

6. Thistle

Thistle is the victim of another egregious owner, who tied shoestring around her ankle so tightly, it cut her to the bone, causing her leg to lose circulation and swell twice its normal size. Despite emergency veterinarians not being able to save her leg, Thistle is now happy, healthy, and belongs to a new, loving owner.

7. Kringle

Kringle was found with a choke collar embedded in his neck, back, and chest. The wound that resulted was so extreme that skin began growing over the chain in some places. However, an emergency vet carefully removed the chain, piece by piece, and now, Kringle is all smiles!

8. Red

Red, who had grown to be severely overweight due to neglect and improper nourishment, was also on the verge of being sent to a kill shelter, until he was rescued, put on a strict regimen, and lost 10 pounds. Now, he has a caring owner, and his life expectancy is back to normal.

9. Winston

Winston was found abandoned in a Chicago backyard, infested with bacteria and ticks. Police discovered him though and brought him to a nearby shelter, where he was promptly treated and made a full recovery!

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