If You Identify With These 11 Things, Chances Are You're A Homebody

1. Meditating is one of your favorite pastimes

2. When you're at home, you'll usually be reading when you have nothing else going on

3. Cooking by yourself for yourself is greatly satisfying to you

4. You love social media, because now you know what your friends and family are up to without actually having to call them

5. Listening to music in the comfort of your home is always pretty perfect

6. You would much rather watch a movie or Netflix at home than go out to the theater

7. You definitely enjoy a good glass of wine

8. And your selection of craft beer is one to be jealous of

9. And when it rains, you absolutely love staying indoors.

10. Your bed and your cats are probably your most favorite things in the world.

11. You just love your house.

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