People Have Actually Found These 9 Things In Their Food. #5 Is Still Alive…WTF

1. A dead mouse

A father found this while making sandwiches for his CHILDREN’S lunches. Could you imagine if one of them had discovered it…? Talk about scarring!

2. This entire head of a rooster that a woman found with her Chicken Nuggets from McDonald's.

And for those of you who are wondering why yes, she did get paid a veritable ton of money to hush up about the incident…somewhere around the tune of $100,000.

3. The slew of insects that have been reported as being found in McDonald's food.

If this won’t keep you off fast food I just don’t know what will.

4. The old lizard salad dressing.

This was found in a woman’s salad in 2005. Even the healthy eaters can’t escape….

5. A live newt.

There’s nothing worse than a salad topping that crawls…

6. Pickled rat

This description needs little back story. Let the appropriate level of disgust ensue.

7. Frozen frog

Just imagine the horror if you found this after you had started boiling your veggies…?

8. Rice with a side of cigarette butt.

Apparently this was discovered when a mother smelled smoke coming from the rice she was heating up for her daughter. Though we don’t condone second-hand smoke here, this one sounded pretty hard to avoid on that mom’s part.

9. This RUSTY NAIL that was found within some Mac & Cheese.

Could you imagine how that would feel going down…?

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