Skip The Touristy Destinations And Take Your Next Trip To One Of These 9 Amazing Places

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Flickr: theodevil

Prague is a gorgeous city to visit. The town center features an amazing clocktower and many little markets you would love to visit. This city is a must-see. 

2. Medellín, Colombia


Medellín has become a huge destination for culture and street-art lovers, along with having an amazing nightlife. 

3. South Africa


From Cape Town to Johannesburg, you’ll love visiting this amazing and beautiful country. 

4. Montreal, Canada


Montreal is a North American city with a european feel and it’s the perfect place to visit. 

5. Fjords of Norway


The views are absolutely incredible. Being able to step foot in an area with this much nature and beauty to offer would be a magical vacation. 

6. Seoul, South Korea


This city has everything: music, art, culture, nightlife. Basically, anything you can imagine you can do in Seoul. 

7. Ring of Kerry, Ireland

Flickr: stevecorey

This scenic spot in Ireland offers some of the most incredible views you could ever imagine. Being able to visit here would be an absolute dream. 

8. Newfoundland, Canada

This place has it all: scenery, nature, and even a lot of bars. Venturing up to Newfoundland is a guaranteed good time. 

9. Krakow, Poland

Flickr: ntrinkhaus

This city is beautiful and has a lot you could see on a guided walking tour. It is full of history, churches, castles, restaurants, and much more. 

Thanks, Stefon.

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