The FDA Just Made A Big Announcement That Will Change Our Diets For The Better

According to a press release, the FDA stated that these types of fats are not “generally recognized as safe for use in human food."

The FDA is giving companies three years to phase out the partially hydrogenated oils (which are the main source of artificial trans fats) in their food and/or drink products. After the compliance period of three years, no food will be allowed to have partially hydrogenated oils (PHO’s) without consent from the FDA. 

Trans fats are found in a lot of fried foods as well as processed foods and foods that generally have a longer shelf life.

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Since 2006, the FDA required that trans fat information be marked on nutrition labels, which has therefore decreased the amount of trans fat intake. However, trans fats are looked at as some of the worst types of fat your body can ingest, as they lower the good amounts of cholesterol in your body and increase the bad cholesterol, according to the Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic

The FDA believes that the current intake of trans fats are a risk to the public health and that cutting out the PHO’s all together will help keep all Americans more healthy. "This action is expected to reduce coronary heart disease and prevent thousands of fatal heart attacks every year.” According to their press release

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