These Makeshift Amusement Parks In Pakistan Are Having A Beautiful Impact

These totally makeshift, whimsical little amusement parks have started popping up in the two cities in Pakistan.

Specifically, they’re popping up in neighborhoods that have a very high refugee population—people who have left other areas extremely wrought with danger to seek solace somewhere else.

The looks on these children’s faces are enough to just completely warm your heart.

There are many neighborhoods where children are in grave danger— violence all over the world often does not discriminate by age—and it is for this reason that these little amusement parks are such an amazing thing.

They’re an opportunity to experience the whimsy, the fun and gleefulness of childhood, even if only for a few moments.

The parks feature rides that cost less than five cents…and judging by the faces on the participants…

They’re completely worth it.

Parks like this may not seem like such a huge deal.

But if it allows for young Pakistani children to experience some real carefree happiness, and brings a smile to their faces…

Then they are absolutely tremendous.

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