These Miniature Figurines Perfectly Describe Your Daily Office Struggles

If you work at an ad agency, the work never ends.

"Monday comes too soon when we worked the whole weekend."

In fact, most of the time you're swimming in it.

"It’s never smooth sailing when writing a creative brief."

Sometimes, it's easy to zone out in all of it.

"It is impossible to get our coworkers’ attention when they wear headphones."

And sometimes, you just wanna forget about work entirely.

"Sometimes we just want to toss everything and not care about it."

They may be creative, but ad agencies certainly aren't the most organized of places.

"It is impossible to get everyone to a meeting on time."

And while the travel is fun, it can also be a grueling pain in the ass.

"A day trip to see a client is practically a night trip when you have to get up at 4am."

On the upside though, you make some great friends…but then of course, they leave.

"Just when we start to like our coworkers, they leave."

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