They Say Everyone Out There Has A Twin. These Sisters Literally Found Theirs

It all started when a friend of Anaïs Bordier told her that he had seen someone who looked exactly like her in this YouTube video.

After doing some research, Anaïs learned the actress was Samantha Futerman. She located her on Facebook and discovered they'd been born on the same day. Obviously this both excited and alarmed her. But after gathering herself, Anaïs reached out.

Upon receiving her message, Sam immediately looked at Anaïs' pictures online. It was as if she was looking back at pictures of herself.

Not long after, the two scheduled a time to meet via Skype, which ended up being one of the most bizarre and gleeful conversations either of them had ever had.

Over time, they gradually compared notes on things like habits, mannerisms, phobias and the like, as well as swapping childhood pictures. Their disbelief and excitement only grew.

Sam had been adopted from Seoul by an American family, and Anaïs by a French family. Neither of them had any idea they had a sister, but now they decided they had to be twins. And after a suspenseful wait, DNA confirmed the already obvious.

After a few short months, Sam traveled to London where Anaïs lived, to finally meet in person – for the first time since they were separated at birth.

And it didn't take long for everyone to be freaked out by how eerily similar they were, including them.

Just a few months before, they didn't know each other existed. Now, they're two peas in a pod…

Sisters and best friends for life.

Check out the documentary they're putting together about their story!

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