This YouTube Star Makes Even "Baby Got Back" Sound Like A Classical Masterpiece On Piano

People are obsessed with the butts these days.

From Nicki Minaj to Amy Schumer, the ‘booty’ has been talked about a lot recently.

But it all started back in the day when Sir-Mix-A-Lot created a song that would be forever timeless.

Yes, we are talking about this song:

Now, if you like this song, as I’m sure you do, take a listen to this classy version of the best butt anthem there is. You’ll find it’s pretty poetic.

Video Source: Chestersee

This young lad is Chestersee and takes some mainstream music and makes it sound a little prettier and calmer. And it’s really good! He has also done songs by Britney and Miley. So you should probably check them all out.

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