Who Says Cartoons Can't Teach Us Life Lessons? Just Look At These 23 From Spongebob

1. Don't beat yourself up over a little mistake.

2. Tell your friends and family how much you love them.

3. Always remember you can survive heartbreak, it sucks, but you can survive.

4. Enjoy time on your own, doing things you love to do.

5. Have fun, be weird, let loose, but don't get too crazy!

6. Work on loving yourself.

7. Save your money – even your pennies.

8. Spongebob has always taught us the importance of standing up for yourself.

9. Always remember to pay your bills…especially the electric one.

10. It's okay to not want to grow up, indulge in some childhood cravings every now and then.

11. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

12. Stay independent even when you're in a relationship.

13. Do what you can to be a good person and citizen. Vote and volunteer.

14. Value your friendships. Especially the ones who have been there since the beginning.

15. Spongebob always knew the importance of working.

16. Staying in can result in the best nights.

17. Do your best to eat healthy.

18. Believe in yourself.

19. Be your own kind of hero.

20. Be confident in all aspects of life.

21. Work out when you can.

22. Live in the moment and be content with where you are at.

23. And finally, work is really important. Make that MONEYYY.

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