You'll Be Amazed By How Much You Can Upcycle Your Old Toys Into Home Décor

1. Create a tricycle planter

2. A dino jewelry storage

3. Toy Soldier book end

4. Magnets out of old puzzle pieces

5. Create a toy lamp

6. Make a small bookshelf

7. Mini planters from ducks

8. Puzzle piece art

9. Hot Wheels mirror

10. Dino tooth brush

11. Lego utensil holder

12. Skateboard lamps

13. Toy truck lamp

14. Comfy toy lounge chair

15. Animal head jewelry holder

16. Toy jar toppers

17. Animal wall art

18. Playmobil clock

19. Creative artwork

20. Dino planter

21. Animal drawer pulls

22. Toy truck pin cushion

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